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Heading down to SXSW!

Roadtrip Nation - Build a Life Not a Resume

We are thrilled to announce that Holman will be hosting a career-building session with Nathan Gebhard, co-founder of Roadtrip Nation, at SXSW in Austin, Texas on March 17, 2015! The session is entitled, “Build a Life, Not a Resume.” Here’s the blurb:

You are not just your job title. See why everyone should build a life—not a resume—with this discussion that explores the importance of integrating what you love into your work. Join Nathan Gebhard, cofounder of Roadtrip Nation, the organization dedicated to helping people create fulfilling worklives, and Holman Wang, who quit his job as a lawyer to create the bestselling felt art board books that distill great literature into 12-word narratives, as they share examples of those who are fashioning meaningful livelihoods around what matters to them. Through conversation, attendees will identify how can do the same.

For those of you who don’t know, Holman is a former corporate lawyer who quit his job in late 2012 to produce children’s books full time. Holman will talk about this meandering career path with Nathan, and share ideas on finding your passion, having the courage to change careers, and putting your finger on what success really means.

Hope to see you down in Austin!

A little love thrown our way!

It’s always nice to get bits of press about your books. It’s incredible when your books show up in other books!

Jane Austen Cover to Cover: 200 Years of Classics Covers is a recent anthology written by Margaret C. Sullivan and published by Quirk Books.

Jane Austen Cover to Cover - Quirk Books


Here’s the description:

Jane Austen’s six novels are true classics, still immensely popular some 200 years after their first publication. But although the celebrated stories never change, the covers are always different. Jane Austen Cover to Cover compiles two centuries of design, from elegant Victorian hardcovers and the famed 1894 “Peacock” edition to 1950s pulp, movie tie-in editions, graphic novels, foreign-language translations, and many, many others. Filled with beautiful artwork and insightful commentary, this fascinating and visually intriguing collection is a must for Janeites, design geeks, and book lovers of every stripe.

Ms. Sullivan did us the great honour of including Cozy Classics in the book, and even calls the line of mud on Lizzy’s dress “faithful (and darling!)”.

Cozy Classics in Jane Austen Cover to Cover
And speaking of honours, it is always an incredible honour to be mentioned in the blogs of the incomparable Betsy Bird, who was once described as follows: “By day, a librarian. By night, the most powerful blogger in kids’ books.” Here’s her recent Fuse 8 Production blog post for the School Library Journal, with so many nice things said about us, Cozy Classics, and our upcoming series Star Wars Epic Yarns that it makes us blush. Thanks, Betsy!