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Bay Area Trifecta


Holman had the incredible privilege of going to the Bay Area this week to give three presentations on Star Wars Epic Yarns. First, Holman gave presentation at Google Tech Corners, Google’s new campus in Sunnyvale, California. Check out the full online tour of the Google visit here. Then Holman went to nerd heaven when he visited the Lucasfilm Letterman Digital Arts Center in the Presidio, San Francisco, where he presented to enthusiastic Lucasfilm staff (including Pablo Hildago!), and then toured around the campus. Check out the full online tour of the Lucasfilm visit here. Holman was accompanied at these events by Chronicle Books publicist Lara Starr, who’s a Star Wars author in her own right! Finally, Holman presented at Maker Faire, explaining how Star Wars Epic Yarns is perhaps the craftiest and most labor-intensive board book series in children’s literary history! It was an incredible three days in the Bay Area that will never be forgotten!

Star Wars Epic Yarns - Google

Holman at Google Tech Corners in Sunnyvale, California.

Star Wars Epic Yarns - Lucasfilm

Entrance to the Lucasfilm Letterman Campus in the Presidio, San Francisco.

Star Wars Epic Yarns - Maker Faire

Maker Faire in San Mateo.

Star Wars Epic Yarns - Maker Faire - Lara

The fabulous Lara Starr eating paella at the Maker Faire Maker party.

Star Wars Epic Yarns - Maker Faire - Ryan and Alexa

Hanging out with designer extraordinaire Ryan Hayes and his wife Alexa at Maker Faire.

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