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A galaxy far, far away… Haida Gwaii!

Holman had the privilege of going up to Haida Gwaii last week to give artists talks and felting workshops. He was invited by Beng Favreau of Literacy Haida Gwaii and Kiki van der Heiden of Sun Studio. Kiki is an incredible visual and fiber artist who created the felt artwork for the picture book Taan’s Moons in collaboration with children from Haida Gwaii. Holman gives a quick visual tour of his trip.


Haida Gwaii was named one of National Geographic Traveler’s 20 must-see places in the world for 2015, and I was lucky enough to be invited there! The natural landscape is simply stunning, as evidenced by this sunrise right outside the home I was staying in:

Holman Wang - Haida Gwaii - 00

The first stop was the local high school in Queen Charlotte, where I gave a talk about my work to an art class. It was a chance to share my artistic process with students, hopefully inspire them, and plug the youth felting workshop I was giving the same night!

Holman Wang - Haida Gwaii - 01

The afternoon turned into a “crafternoon”, as I visited Sun Studio and tried my hand at wet felting for the first time. Kiki taught me some wet felting techniques that I will try and incorporate into the next Cozy Classics!

Holman Wang - Haida Gwaii - 02

The youth felting workshop in Queen Charlotte was held in the evening, and the keen gathering of young people tried their hand at making Jawas.

Holman Wang - Haida Gwaii - 03

Holman Wang - Haida Gwaii - 04

Holman Wang - Haida Gwaii - 05

Holman Wang - Haida Gwaii - 06

The next day, the adults of Queen Charlotte got their opportunity to needle felt.

Holman Wang - Haida Gwaii - 07

Holman Wang - Haida Gwaii - 08

We brought along other colours of wool in case any participant wanted to make a figure other than a Jawa, and Kiki took full advantage by making a figure of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mum!

Holman Wang - Haida Gwaii - 09

Afterwards, I gave another talk about my work:

Holman Wang - Haida Gwaii - 10

The next day, I set off with Beng for the long drive to Masset, where I gave two workshops back-to-back. First it was the adults’ turn:

Holman Wang - Haida Gwaii - 13

Holman Wang - Haida Gwaii - 11

Holman Wang - Haida Gwaii - 13

And here are some happy Jawa-makers!

Holman Wang - Haida Gwaii - 15

Holman Wang - Haida Gwaii - 14

Again, some participants took full advantage of the opportunity to create non-Jawa figures, like this beautiful ballerina:

Holman Wang - Haida Gwaii - 16

Then it was time for the youth of Masset to take their turn. I was completely blown away by the skill and determination of the some of the young participants!

Holman Wang - Haida Gwaii - 17

I also managed to get some sightseeing and tourist-y activities in while I was in Haida Gwaii, including visiting this carving center were the carvers had been working full-time on this totem pole since June. Apparently, it can take up to 10,000 hours of labour to complete a single pole!

Holman Wang - Haida Gwaii - 18

Here are some of the breathtaking views around Queen Charlotte:

Holman Wang - Haida Gwaii - 19

Holman Wang - Haida Gwaii - 21

Holman Wang - Haida Gwaii - 20

Here I am relaxing with a book on my final night in Haida Gwaii, in the home generously offered to me by local Fran Fowler (doesn’t it look cozy?):

Holman Wang - Haida Gwaii - 23

It was an incredible trip that I won’t soon forget. Haawa (thank you in Haida) to Beng, Kiki and their families for their kindness and hospitality. The epilogue to the story is that my mother-in-law has already promised to fly the family up to Haida Gwaii for her 70th birthday in two years. So with any luck, it won’t be long before I’m up in Haida Gwaii again!

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